Injury Recovery Skin Tone KT Tape

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iM Sports offers KT Injury Recovery tape in two different skin tone shades including Light and Suntan. KT Tape has been used by athletes all over the world recovering from injury for decades. Our 6 foot long by 2 inch wide roll can be cut to a custom length and the level of compression depends on how tight you wrap it. It should only be applied to dry skin in order to adhere. The woven cotton blend can also get wet without any issues after it has been placed. If properly applied KT Tape will stay in place for hours. It's perfect for wrapping injured muscles and joints.      


  • Compression (depends how tight you wrap it)
  • Breathable Cotton Blend
  • Light and Suntan Skin Tone Color Options
  • Can Reduce Soreness and Improve Circulation
  • Excellent Ankle, Wrist and Elbow Support

Try a our Skin Tone Kinesiology Tape today and reduce soreness!

Important Note: In order to protect the health and safety of our staff during social distancing we are unable to accept returns of KT Tape. Thank you for your understanding.