iM Sports Light Skin Tone Ankle Compression Sleeves

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Our IM Sports Light Skin Tone Foot Sleeves are sold as pairs. Each one provides 20-30 mmHg (medical grade 1) level compression.  They can reduce swelling and soreness in your feet. Our ankle and foot compression sleeves also help with chronic pain and foot injuries such as plantar fasciitis. They are made from a cotton spandex blend and fit women's shoe sizes 5-13 and men's shoe sizes 6-12. The level of compression will depend on the fit and the size you choose. Try a pair and give your feet some relief from the pain. 


  • Medical Grade Compression (depends partially on your foot size)
  • Breathable Spandex Cotton Blend
  • Light Skin Tone Color
  • Can Reduce Soreness and Improve Circulation
  • Excellent Ankle Support


  • Small Foot Sleeves (women's shoe size 5-7, men's shoe size 6)
  • Medium Foot Sleeves (women's shoe size 8-10, men's shoe size 7-9)
  • Large Foot Sleeves (women's shoe size 11-12, men's shoe size 10-11)

Try a pair of our ankle support sleeves today and reduce soreness!

Note: Compression apparel should not be worn continuously for more than 16 hours.

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